Quick Flip : NO QUARTER #69

The cover of issue #69 is the one with Grim Angus doing a sorta Deadshot tribute on the cover.


No Quarter is Privateer Press’ magazine that comes out every two months. Every issue promises new releases, scenarios, battle reports, painting and modelling tips, background stories and their bi-month miniature challenge.
While all of the above is standard fare in NO QUARTER, every now and then they pull something out of the hat as a nice surprise.

In this issue, I personally liked:
The magazine’s format begins with some NEW RELEASES painted and pictured with the plastic CONQUEST/VICTOR, the HAMMERFALL SIEGE but what really got me was this fella


THE THORNFALL ALLIANCE theme list was interesting, which for me is the kinda Farrow lover’s little challenge. We actually have a die hard farrow fan in the store. ( This guys kits bashing is so sacrilegious to both GW and PP fans)

The featured Battle Report pits the MINIONS vs THE TROLLBLOODS

Ol’ Rowdy gets featured and this includes a painting guide, which is always handy but for me it was the indept background of this jack that made me give it a second look.


The Temple Flameguard was pretty interesting with FOUR, yeah FOUR different designs to painting FLAMEGUARDS. Definitely something I never thought about when it comes to painting MENOTH.

NO QUARTER does not fail to deliver and this is true by the fact that we have a steady order of this magazine bi-monthly.

You might want to have a peek inside an issue, go ask a PP fan to have a flip of his magazine.

Privateer Press Iron Kingdoms Hugo Lubanov

The plan for today’s Painting Mondays was to sort the latest shipment. We received our allocation of Infinity’s Red Veil and Warlord Games’ Konflikt 47, so I planned to get the shop sorted. This was the general plan. Also, with everyone not being in at 8pm, I pretty much decided on not painting.

However, arriving almost 40 mins later, our esteemed “Best Painter” arrived and with that, all hopes of sorting the shop, gone. (If you’re a regular you’d know almost anything will side track the “sorting of the shop”)

Having not planned to paint, I had to now decide on what I should be painting. My options were

  1. Mantic’s Elves – These elves for Kings of War have always been something I wanted to paint. I always wondered why nobody seemed to paint them nice enough to play. I have also been talking about this one for quite a while
  2. Infinity’s Demo Set – I need to get these painted up. There was no love for Infinity today however.
  3. I was thinking to do a Battletech figure, the guys at the shop will be doing a Classic Battletech game in the coming months and I figured, I want in. Which one tho….
  4. Maybe something from Spartan Games…..

I finally decided to pull out a Privateer Press Iron Kingdom’s figure.
Hugo Lobanov – Khadoran Arcane Mechanik

This range was part of the first Privateer Press push to introduce their line to world of miniatures. These minis did quite well at the shop for the figure collector and we sold quite a few. However, some were left on the shelf for the past decade or so.

This was tonight’s project. Project start 9:34pm.


The mini was given a primer of AP Skeleton Bone and then a directional spray of AP Matt White Spray. This helps.


These are the paints I used for this figure.


Some quick bits of paint


AP Crystal Blue

P3 Solid Gold

P3 Armour Wash

AP Matt Black

AP Barbarian Flesh

AP Weapon Bronze

AP Shining Silver

AP Quickshade Dark Tone

AP Matt White

Vallejo Saddle Brown

Vallejo German Camo Medium Brown

Reaper Moldy Skin



Project end 12:10am