WW2 Sandbag Emplacement

World War 2 is currently very popular in most of the gaming clubs and stores in KL. For a long time Flames of War was rather popular but 15mm gaming has made way for 28mm.

The store currently stocks Warlord Games miniatures and some Rubicon Models. The rulesets we currently stock include Operation Squad (still in stock), Rules Of Engagement and Bolt Action. Rules and miniatures, require some terrain to play over and at the moment we get by with stocking Renendra Terrain, 4Ground pieces and Warlord Games’ war gaming terrain. There is always a need for some more terrain for the table.

While browsing at the local convenience store, I found myself a pack of plastic soldiers that came with some bits of terrain. I bought them and left them in the store room. That is until I found them while looking for something else.

Looking through the bag, I chose the most obvious and simple three to compose a quick terrain piece. These three looked quite nice.

The base used an old compact disk. I used tissue to give some kind of texture for the dry muddy ground I wanted to create.

Matt Black Spray

…and then some Skeleton Bone Spray for the sandbags.

I used Army Painter’s Uniform Grey for the box and the oil drum.

After that is was a small matter of digging through my basing library for different types of earthy bases.

It took 30 mins to finish once I sat down to do the basing but the actual piece took a few weeks simply because I was not sure what approach to use.