Fixing – The Modern Art Boardgame box

The Modern Art boardgame by Reinia Knizia has been in my car boot as the emergency game to take out when I am on holiday or when a social situation calls for it.

I rather enjoy the game and the “Bidding” mechanism which drives the game.

The box has seen better days, I forget sometimes that when i open the boot on a stormy day rain water gets in this can damage the box. Every time I would open the boot, there it will be waiting to be rescued, very much like the story of the “Tin Soldier”

So, pulling my socks up, I got to it.

Please note: the method I am using requires a lot of patience to get done right. I feel if the game has given you hours of fun, why skimp on care.

The joints of the box was put together with paper glue. Just a light spread is all it needs. It’s important to note that this helps to bond the card. While slow will be strong when cellophane tape is used to reinforce the hold.

The box was slightly warped from the water damage, so this too a little longer to do, I used my hair dryer and slowly got the box to its normal shape. This helps with getting the tear joints to fit.

Rubber bands were used to hold the box secure. While it dries. As for the bits of the box that were water damaged, I taped them down so the damage is more or less controlled.

Once both lid and tray were fixed, I gave the box a more tight hold with a few more rubberbands.

Done right, the box itself will thanks you by looking more or less spiffy again.

Kings Of War Casualty Marker

I had some time to kill on Tuesday, a customer was coming by the shop and I thought it would be a good idea to have some painting done. I didn’t want to commit to a big project but small one would make me happy.

I am in the groove of painting my Mantic Elf Army, and I have been in the groove for a while now. I decided to do my casualty marker for the game.

In the Kings Of War game, wounds are tracked not with the removal of miniatures from a regiment but with the accumulation of the wounds attached to the regiment. With every wound the regiment takes it makes it easier for the regiment to break. When the regiment breaks, there is NO RALLY phase, they are gone. This honestly speeds up the game. Maybe I will ramble about the Kings of War rules at some point.

I prepped the base with some stickers i found in a stationary book. It works, no?

The bits box was raided for some bits and some stones from my aquarium container.

Back to the painting, I began with a white primer using Army Painter’s Matt White.

The elf was don using the White base and Army Painter Green Wash, the base used Army Painter Leather Brown and Army Painter’s Fur Brown. I used a mixture of Battleground Black and Brown for a nice flow of textures.

I think painter’s should from time to time do pieces like this. It helps kill the monotony of regiment painting and it also helps with understanding composition.

This one took 2 hours.