Warlord Games have finally come to Malaysia. Here at WGS we are very PROUD to have their products on our shelves.

Warlord Games covers the Black Powder Period, Ancients and WW2.  The figures released and stocked by Warlord range in at about 28mm and a large part is made from plastic. Here at the shop we have a good selection on what they have and you are all very welcome to visit the store and have a look.

The shop will begin to venture deeper into historical gaming with Warlord after DBA has held the flag infront of the rest of the misc rulesets and games that have graced our table.

So here’s a warm welcome to them and to you hopefully a gateway to new joys on the battlefield.


One thought on “WARLORD GAMES arrived at WGS

  1. Warlord is basically loads of cheap plastic historicals in 28mm right?


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