Warlord Games have finally come to Malaysia. Here at WGS we are very PROUD to have their products on our shelves.

Warlord Games covers the Black Powder Period, Ancients and WW2.  The figures released and stocked by Warlord range in at about 28mm and a large part is made from plastic. Here at the shop we have a good selection on what they have and you are all very welcome to visit the store and have a look.

The shop will begin to venture deeper into historical gaming with Warlord after DBA has held the flag infront of the rest of the misc rulesets and games that have graced our table.

So here’s a warm welcome to them and to you hopefully a gateway to new joys on the battlefield.



WGS is proud to announce that we are now stocking MANTIC GAMES on our shelves. These miniatures are not only extremely cheap in comparison to other fantasy plastics but also boast some really great sculpts!!!

MANTIC GAMES have also released their first FREE game called KINGS OF WAR which we will be demoing in the months to come.

Don’t take my word for it, drop by the store and have a look for yourselves.

Sale. Sale. Sale.

Hello Folks…

As some of you may know, the shop will be under renovations soon. So, in order to raise some
extra funds for this effort we are organising a PRIVATEER PRESS STORE ROOM SALE.

Its very simple, but 3 PP items that are eligible for the sale and get the cheapest one for FREE.
That’s right the CHEAPEST item FREE!!!

This sale is not eligible for items that have been reserved or ORDERED. (Someone is bound to ask)

Sale ends at the end of the MONTH OF MAY.

Which brings us to the actual renovations for the shop. THIS WILL BE HELD ON THE FIRST WEEKEND OF JUNE.

Please take note.

We will not be releasing a list of whats on sale so the only way to find out is to drop by the store!

This sale is only open to PP miniatures in blister and boxes and not the books.

Thanks fer reading.