Store Addition: SPELLCROW

We recently have decided to bring in some Spellcrow. If you are not sure what Spellcrow is; have a look here

I have had an eye on Spellcrow for quite a while. They started just doing conversion bits but have not moved to making their own IP which is great.

Spellcrow have terrain and miniatures, a move to expand from their conversion bits base.

There isn’t such a huge miniature mod culture in Malaysia but these are perfect for the few who do it almost religiously.

From orc head variants to the space soldiers from the different evil space gods you could find something for the converting enthusiast.

Some samples to check out

Salamander or Dragon style shoulder pads for Space Knights

Noise Weapons for Demonic Space Knights

Hatch Door for Plague Infected Knights

Repaint – Dreadball Corporation

Dreadball is a game from Mantic Games., I backed the Kickstarter and was rewarded with a box and and a few extras. I have always had a soft spot for sports games, perhaps ts because of the fun I had with Blood Bowl when I was younger.

So inside the box I got a few teams and I decided to paint the Corporation team first. I went for a red and white scheme but I think my biggest mistake was using the dip. This is because all the white parts of the figure turned into brown and while this works for a lot of figures did not look good for a futuristic sports game.

So once the team was done, I left it in my display shelf and tried my best not to look at it.

A year or so later, I really wanted to play Dreadball and decided to repaint my team.

Repainting your team is a great way to rekindle an interest in the game. I had an idea of what I wanted the new team to look like so this made the impetus a little more easier to happen.

I did not want to strip the figures as this would take a while and probably kill my momentum moving forward. I lined them up and gave them all a coat of Matt White. I don’t recommend doing this especially when you have already dipped a figure as the matt finish does not look so good.

The figure was then given a Blue Wash diluted 80/20 with water to pick out the details.

You could probably stop here and play, they looked good enough with a blue glow.

But I spent the next hour or so putting in some Matt White Highlights and when then was done working the shadows with pure Blue Wash.


Matt White Spray

Blue Wash

Halloween night with the Halloween Knight

It was the night before Halloween…..

…and I decided was the best time to speed paint a miniature I bought from Reaper Miniatures.

Halloween Knight

I looked through the catalog of miniatures they had with something to do with Halloween and this one screamed out to me.

So I did lil cleaning on the figure. (I had been away from painting figures so long that I just wanted to get this figure done – I don’t recommend doing this)

I generally think about the figure long before I paint it. I looked at couple of samples like this one and decided against it.

(Image above take from the Reaper Miniature website)

I wanted something earthy and well…. more dead-y.

I gave the figures a uniform grey undercoat to prepare.

Then a top down spray of Army Painter’s Matt White


The head was done with Reaper’s Pumpkin Orange (yes, they actually have a color called that). I used Army Painter’s Demonic Yellow to work the highlights.

Worked a bit of the detailing

The cloak was done using Vallejo Reflective Green. I also used Vallejo Deep Ocean to Shade.

I was very tempted to do a wood like casket lid but went for a more darker motif with the white picking out the details

The armor was just black grey and white (All Army Painter). I then concentrated on getting a general feel of the model.

The base was decorated using a resin piece I had in a bits box.

This whole project took 2 hours.

WW2 Sandbag Emplacement

World War 2 is currently very popular in most of the gaming clubs and stores in KL. For a long time Flames of War was rather popular but 15mm gaming has made way for 28mm.

The store currently stocks Warlord Games miniatures and some Rubicon Models. The rulesets we currently stock include Operation Squad (still in stock), Rules Of Engagement and Bolt Action. Rules and miniatures, require some terrain to play over and at the moment we get by with stocking Renendra Terrain, 4Ground pieces and Warlord Games’ war gaming terrain. There is always a need for some more terrain for the table.

While browsing at the local convenience store, I found myself a pack of plastic soldiers that came with some bits of terrain. I bought them and left them in the store room. That is until I found them while looking for something else.

Looking through the bag, I chose the most obvious and simple three to compose a quick terrain piece. These three looked quite nice.

The base used an old compact disk. I used tissue to give some kind of texture for the dry muddy ground I wanted to create.

Matt Black Spray

…and then some Skeleton Bone Spray for the sandbags.

I used Army Painter’s Uniform Grey for the box and the oil drum.

After that is was a small matter of digging through my basing library for different types of earthy bases.

It took 30 mins to finish once I sat down to do the basing but the actual piece took a few weeks simply because I was not sure what approach to use.

Fixing – The Modern Art Boardgame box

The Modern Art boardgame by Reinia Knizia has been in my car boot as the emergency game to take out when I am on holiday or when a social situation calls for it.

I rather enjoy the game and the “Bidding” mechanism which drives the game.

The box has seen better days, I forget sometimes that when i open the boot on a stormy day rain water gets in this can damage the box. Every time I would open the boot, there it will be waiting to be rescued, very much like the story of the “Tin Soldier”

So, pulling my socks up, I got to it.

Please note: the method I am using requires a lot of patience to get done right. I feel if the game has given you hours of fun, why skimp on care.

The joints of the box was put together with paper glue. Just a light spread is all it needs. It’s important to note that this helps to bond the card. While slow will be strong when cellophane tape is used to reinforce the hold.

The box was slightly warped from the water damage, so this too a little longer to do, I used my hair dryer and slowly got the box to its normal shape. This helps with getting the tear joints to fit.

Rubber bands were used to hold the box secure. While it dries. As for the bits of the box that were water damaged, I taped them down so the damage is more or less controlled.

Once both lid and tray were fixed, I gave the box a more tight hold with a few more rubberbands.

Done right, the box itself will thanks you by looking more or less spiffy again.

Kings Of War Casualty Marker

I had some time to kill on Tuesday, a customer was coming by the shop and I thought it would be a good idea to have some painting done. I didn’t want to commit to a big project but small one would make me happy.

I am in the groove of painting my Mantic Elf Army, and I have been in the groove for a while now. I decided to do my casualty marker for the game.

In the Kings Of War game, wounds are tracked not with the removal of miniatures from a regiment but with the accumulation of the wounds attached to the regiment. With every wound the regiment takes it makes it easier for the regiment to break. When the regiment breaks, there is NO RALLY phase, they are gone. This honestly speeds up the game. Maybe I will ramble about the Kings of War rules at some point.

I prepped the base with some stickers i found in a stationary book. It works, no?

The bits box was raided for some bits and some stones from my aquarium container.

Back to the painting, I began with a white primer using Army Painter’s Matt White.

The elf was don using the White base and Army Painter Green Wash, the base used Army Painter Leather Brown and Army Painter’s Fur Brown. I used a mixture of Battleground Black and Brown for a nice flow of textures.

I think painter’s should from time to time do pieces like this. It helps kill the monotony of regiment painting and it also helps with understanding composition.

This one took 2 hours.

Mantic Elf Bowmen Regiment


It felt like any other Monday. I would open the store start painting, the boys would shamble in and I’d get some figures done.

I wanted to increase the size of my Mantic Elf army so I pulled the Mantic Bowmen box from the shelf and mentally prepared myself for the few hours. I needed these elves for my 500pt Kings Of War army; these and two spearmen troops would get me there. Get the army done and worry about the opponents later.

So cracked the box open, clipped the sprue for he first few elves when, to my dismay, I found I was out of super glue. Urgh…… so the process stopped as i got up to look for another tube.

I generally have a few tubes lying around for emergencies like this, but I could not find any.

I get my super glue from a stall at the local night market. 3 packs of 4 pieces each for only RM1 (slightly more than USD1). SO where were these 12 tubes?

It took a while but i finally found a few more tubes, some were even unopened. All were already hard from the inside.

Super glue has always been a difficult topic in the store. I use to bring superglue in from different manufacturers. Super glue would be use as plastic glue (much to the dismay of many a modeller) it would be used as glue for metals as well. In fact, we have modellers at the store who don’t even pin their models, they just keep adding the glue until it holds. We use a lot. But we use a lot when we are modeling, during the painting part these tubes are left to the side and they all end up drying up.

To properly keep a tube of superglue, i was told, was to keep it in the fridge. Another hobbyist recommended standing the tubes upright. These were all tested but after a while they all dried up. This makes it very difficult to hold superglue as part of my stock as we actually had bottle dry on the shelf. So it was expensive to stock.

These days i just recommend the cheap quick use variety. You pop them open, use them, keep them as best you can but when it dries the level of frustration is only comparable the your skill at trying to throw it into the bin from where you sit.

Next Monday is the night market, time to stock up.

KINGS OF WAR – Elf Spearmen Regiment

It was Sunday night and I had a call asking if the shop would be open for browsing. Sure I said.

At the appointed time my guests arrived and realized I was going to be sitting around and watching YOUTUBE while I waited for them to browse.

I could be painting figures, I thought. Yes.

It honestly did not take much of a leap to head to the Mantic display shelves and choose something to paint. I already had the color scheme I liked for the Mantic Elves,I just wanted to see them all ranked up and ready for a game.

Here is where a test figure truly does its job. I painted the test the best I could, with enough detail for me to replicate the technique for a whole army. Just the right amount of detail was needed but I had to complete them fast enough so I spend less time painting and more time gaming. I also kept the figure close so I could constantly keep an eye on what I really wanted out of the figure.

I also made sure I complete them in batches. 10 at a time is manageable.

Cracking open the box of Mantic Elves Spearmen and suddenly remembering they had sticker designs to put on the shields, offered a new opportunity to make a design decision. This I felt would help the range as it would be nice to show the contents of the box. Due to how old the box I had was, the stickers were no longer sticking. So I literally got up and spent the next hour looking for a nice bottle of paper glue.

With suddenly so many elves to paint, I knew I had to pace myself. Go too fast and I would sacrifice some detail, do too slow and I would probably be at this for a long time. So I made sure I did a little every day. The goal was to complete the regiment in under one week. So I posted the pictures of the sprues on the shop’s FB as a time marker and went for it.
The shop’s FB page

I primed them all and then did each on its own at least the initial painting. Then realized I was doing the same when detailing and basing.

This meant that while the regiment were in different stages of completion throughout the duration of the project.


It did however make finishing each one a joy as they slowly came together.

Mantic Games – Kings Of War Elf

This first post for 2017!

Happy New Year, I made no resolutions this year. #justsaying

My painting table is a mess, there are literally miniatures coming out of from almost every crack from on the table. This not always good, as there is a casual malaise about what to paint and WHEN to paint it.

Behind my laptop, between the two small speakers lay a single Mantic Elf. He has been there for as long as I can remember. I have always wanted to paint a King’s Of War Elf army but somehow found myself purchasing a dwarf army.

The Mantic elf is slender and very detailed, in fact you don’t see much detail until you look closely enough. The armor gave the figure a “High” elf vibe and the thought of painting regiments upon regiments of elves was not my idea of fun. I needed a fast painting technique and an easy scheme.

This figure was prepped months ago to find that particular scheme.

Still clearing the store, I picked this fella up from the table and walked outside to give it a Matt White cover and finally decided to just go for a scheme I could reproduce quickly.

So, the figure was given a wash of Army Painter’s Green Tone and that was all it took.

This of course gave the elf a more “Wood” elf feel, but it somehow felt right.

I did the skin and spear, in Skeleton Bone and Army Painter Soft Shade to finish.

15 mins.

Now…. A regiment?

WARZONE: RESSURECTION – Chasseurs (Repainting)

Ever had some figures that you’ve painted, put on the shelf and then felt that the painted figures just didn’t look or feel right?

These Chassuers were painted months ago, the first few pieces out of the Warzone Demo set i was trying to complete. They looked rather easy to do, with skin parts and cybertronic enhancements. I wanted to use them as practice for getting my NMM techniques back. I remember spending hours and hours trying to get my NMM skills and then did not practice it for literally years.

To prep, I sprayed them Matt White feeling that a while base would help with the NMM. The more organic parts, I painted using Army Painter’s Barbarian Flesh followed by a wash of P3 Flesh Wash. The inner clothing got some Matt Black and a Dark Tone Wash. At this point, they felt and looked wrong but I left it at that. I mean they were going to be used for demoes, I thought. I powered through and got all five of the models done. I now realize upon retrospection that this helped me make the decision later to repaint the models. Once you see how the whole squad looks using the color scheme, you are able to decide better. But i did not touch them and they were left on the shelf, taunting me.

Months later, I painted the Cuirassier and post the process here. (scroll down). Once that was done I put it on my shelf. And realized… “that silver looks not bad”

I was thinking of going for an NMM (non-metallic metal) with the Chasseurs, but sometimes a simpler method was a good idea. It would create unity and honestly much faster to complete.

So therein lies the dilemma quick and easy, or artistic finishes which would take a long time. For me it’d always about the figure. These chassuers would end up on the demo table to be man handled but you needed something that was not so sloppy it would make the demo less visually appealing.

I pulled them off the shelf and decided to give them a do over. Nothing too drastic but something that would clean up the figure and unify the whole squad. Doing NMM felt like a slight headache to do for all and while it offered some practice, I want to play with these ASAP!!!

I went for a base of AP’s Gun Metal for the metalic bits with a AP Shining Silver highlight. I also went for a darker skin tone of GW’s Dwarf Flesh mixed with AP’s Barbarian Flesh for a lil color. This mix started at 50/50 and I highlighted with Barbarian Flesh

The cover up repaint took about 2 hours with almost no interruptions to my painting tempo.